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Icarus Memorial

The Icarus Memorial remembers the men and women graduates of the Air Force Institute of Technology who gave their lives in service to our nation.

In Memory of Colonel David Milam, USAF (Ret)

Colonel David Milam, USAF (Ret), passed away Thursday, September 11, 2014. He joined the AFIT Foundation Board of Trustees in 1999. Col Milam graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1963, and entered USAF pilot training. He earned his MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona under AFIT sponsorship. A graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School, he served in flight test assignments and in Special Projects before assuming a series of positions in the B1, T46, and NASP System Program Offices, and as Chief of Staff of the Aeronautical Systems Center. He retired in 1993 and took the position as President and CEO of the Wright Technology Network. His obituary can be read here.